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Traditional Strengths of the United Methodist Church

An accepting heart: The Church is not only for those who have it all together. We welcome those with questions or personal struggles who come to seek God's grace and love.

Lay Ministry: The work of the church is shared by the Pastor and all members.

Cooperative: A leader in efforts to build cooperation and fellowship among the various denominations.

Concern for society: We believe that personal faith in Christ must be expressed in practical service in the world.

Burritt Community Church History

Mr. Leonard Wemple

In 1937, the people of the Burritt community decided that a new house of worship was needed. Building on their belief in the opportunities that rural America held, the Burritt Community Church was established in May of 1938 through the combining of the Wempletown Church and the North Burritt Methodist Church. The Wempletown Church was built in 1855 on the site of the present day Burritt Community Church on Trask Bridge Road, Rockford.

North Burritt Methodist Church, erected in 1878, was moved from its site on Cemetery Road and joined with the Wempletown Church to create one building. A tower was built at the juncture of the two structures. The two congregations were merged into one. The inspiration and the gift of the church spire came in January of 2004.

A handicap accessible addition with new Sunday School rooms and children's worship area was dedicated in 2004. We are a faith-filled congregation that cherishes the past, witnesses to God's love in the present, and looks with enthusiasm to the future.

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